The introduction to mathematical awareness emphasizing practical learning starting with pre-mathematical concepts such as sorting, matching, pairing etc. is assisted by specifically designed equipment. With everyday experiences and a broad range of activities a child learns to understand quantities and numerals giving opportunities to practise the concepts learned.

Montessori mathematics materials enable a young child to achieve a natural appreciation of mathematical concepts through his or her own efforts. This avoids the mental blocks, which so often occur in children faced with purely abstract concepts. Specially designed equipment helps children to grasp concrete ideas along with sensory experience of numbers, quantities and mathematical operations. Gradually children can move confidently to complete abstract mathematical problems. Many Montessori educated children leave the Children's House with a genuine love of numbers and mathematics.

Classes in the school always maintain a mixed age group. Older children gain in confidence and reinforce their knowledge through helping those younger than themselves, and the younger children learn through watching the older ones. The mixed age group builds awareness of others in a community.